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Ukraine will never join NATO - recent media appearances

My core analysis remains unchanged: only negotiations will end this war and the US, in particular, is key in insisting that Zelensky do this. The US is increasingly doing high-G turns to package Ukraine's ongoing (and, I suspect, permanent) exclusion from NATO, in the run up to the military alliance's 75 anniversary summit in Washington. More high profile speakers are stepping up to press Biden to tell the truth that Ukraine will never join. I don't sense that he is listening or, if he is, will make a clear statement on this point, against the entreaties of an increasingly grasping Zelensky.

Over the past couple of weeks I've had a busy time talking to various people about the ongoing war in Ukraine. You can find here a selection of my interviews.

With Aaron Mate and Katie Halper on their Useful Idiots show

On the Daniel Davis Deep Dive to discuss the so called Ukraine Peace Summit (or, Zelensky's asking for more weapons, summit).

Recent interview on RT following Nigel Farage's comments on NATO.

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Sean Mac
Sean Mac
Jun 27

"Ukraine will never join NATO"

What a reassuring assertion that is.

It's been a pleasure to discover Ian - and Alastair Crooke - in recent weeks; two high achievement low profile Brits who no doubt manage to keep the country on the right track despite the low achievement high profile politicians who somehow gain office.

The troubling aspect of the above is that I have to discover these gentlemen through media sources that are happened upon rather than provided as a public benefit. Given their service to their country, worthy of appearing courtesy of the national broadcaster.

It seems there is only one school of thought allowed in the west: the NATO party line. Restricting the population to one incontestable…



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